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  • Yzak28 said More
    The Chains on the legs are really good. Fixing chains that they look right can be a pain in the ass.... 1 day ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    Thanks for advice. I am looking for an alternative. But I haven't found anything suitable yet. so sad... 4 days ago.
  • marcgantha said More
    This is bad news, maybe you can use skr instead of paypal ( www.skrill.com ) ? 6 days ago.
  • JohnFox said More
    Hiroshi-さん, things may seem uncertain right now, but don't give up! 1 week ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    BP.com is all I have. I don't have a other place. :-) 1 week ago.
  • JohnFox said More
    Yes your right. On a side note, I wonder if he's ever written a manga (non-H). 1 week ago.
  • Kro55over said More
    His Dlsite account is still active but usually more for finished product types to make sales.... 1 week ago.
  • JohnFox said More
    No I don't think its strictly about hentai. I think its any R-18 content. Recently a former American... 1 week ago.
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