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15 March 2020
marcgantha 8 hours ago LittlePanthera
The little panthere is the hero of my childhood,
it's so great to see him in a new adventure.
I think Makongo (the black one) takes his revenge on the little hero, ...
Yzak28 1 days ago LittlePanthera
I remember I put a clothespin on my thumb for the night. It did hurt less when there was pressure on it. ^^

This advertisment caused a lot of laughter a ...
AmakusaHiroshi 1 days ago LittlePanthera
I remember still now. When I was hurt my nail. If I try to Hold things Without thought. Oh god! !super painful!! Even if I imagine, I'm still creepy!! I ...
Yzak28 1 days ago LittlePanthera
Very nice! Ouch, pins under the nails. Had this once by accident on my left thumb. Very painful, did hurt for days. :D
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