05 August 2020
05 August 2020
02 August 2020
25 July 2020
テル 4 days ago Ticket Purchase Guide
AmakusaHiroshi 6 days ago アーティファクト3
I planned this story years ago! Finally! I can complete it!
Yes! It's very painful, but He is HERO(immortal). So he is Ok. Just Pain. XD
thetruexenos 6 days ago アーティファクト3
Oh i can totally imagine the boy's belly convulse as each bead discharges its attribute deep inside him
AmakusaHiroshi 6 days ago アーティファクト1
Each bead is a magic item that changes from the inside to a special property on the human body. / Japanese text on each bead is...
Fire / Water / Thunder ...
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