24 February 2020
16 February 2020
16 February 2020
12 February 2020
10 February 2020
07 February 2020
06 February 2020
Mz 7 hours ago セ〇タス
no we got everything to make a blockbuster :o
AmakusaHiroshi 8 hours ago AFTER OVER #1
Yes! Recycled the resources of KURODEN Z. It's too sad to just throw it away...so I decided to use it to make a video. :-) anyway video play well? I'm ...
Yzak28 9 hours ago AFTER OVER #1
Woah, the video is amazing! I love it! Did you use the engine you used for the game to make it?
Yzak28 5 days ago セ〇タス
And you can hold your breath for five minutes in ice cold water only wearing a shirt. :-D
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