Kro55over 7 hours ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
By far the best update! Everyone is happy and the finalized aim mode for Gonzou is perfect, now players can aim where they like. The progression idea is perfect too, ...
Ullan 7 days ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
First and foremost: still running smoothly :)

I like the changes to the menu and the GUI. As I've been a fairly vocal critic of the third person camera, I feel ...
Yzak28 7 days ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
The new demo works well, good work. When you punch the boy at some areas there is no sound.

PS: don't forget to renew my ticket, please.
Ambertin 7 days ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
Hi, Amakusa! I liked the changes. First-person view is a good solution. No errors found. Everything works well. I am glad that in the future there will be pull-ups on ...

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