Ullan 2 days ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
First and foremost: still running smoothly :)

I like the changes to the menu and the GUI. As I've been a fairly vocal critic of the third person camera, I feel ...
Yzak28 2 days ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
The new demo works well, good work. When you punch the boy at some areas there is no sound.

PS: don't forget to renew my ticket, please.
Ambertin 2 days ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
Hi, Amakusa! I liked the changes. First-person view is a good solution. No errors found. Everything works well. I am glad that in the future there will be pull-ups on ...
AmakusaHiroshi 11 days ago FAQ
I'm late. I have approved your ticket.
My January is very busy with personal work. I'm so sorry.

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