• coldgag said More
    Hope he can resist longer~ 3 hours ago.
  • Yzak28 said More
    I wonder what will be the next step... ^_^ 20 hours ago.
  • mitsuhiko said More
    Using a whip to torture him, now I have to buy a new monitor 2 days ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    This series is likely to end with a lovely sexual story. XD 4 days ago.
  • Yzak28 said More
    Great start! I look forwatd to the next part ^_^ 5 days ago.
  • Kro55over said More
    I'm using the mouse poking at him but he's not waking up! XD 1 week ago.
  • Kro55over said More
    Interesting, certainly a different change to have other mob kids in the scene other than the usual... 1 week ago.
  • Kro55over said More
    Not a vampire, but will you settle for a mechanical heart and enhanced cyberware that improves... 1 week ago.

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