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notaker 25 minutes ago Ticket Purchase Guide
Love your work.
coldgag 9 hours ago [JUNK] 7枚
The picture I show is only one of the outlook, you can find other outlook of him from here
I personally like Soldier, Kung Fu, Kengo and Chrysaor

by the way this ...
Yzak28 2 days ago Rough mini series III-2
Yay! I love skinning! The boy's skin would make a nice tank-top. :-D Fantastic! But I think something went wrong on the comix main page with the preview.
Yzak28 2 days ago Rough mini series III-1
Thank you, resolved that yesterday already. Received a infected message from another artist I know and fell for it. Stupid me! I need to get punished for that! ^_^

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