16 October 2019
16 October 2019
13 October 2019
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25 September 2019
coldgag 2 days ago rough mini series3-10
Wow the boy didn't break even with his nipples electrocuted for a day? So tough!!!
Is he going to rape him?
Although I think merely raping the anus can not make the ...
Yzak28 4 days ago rough mini series3-10
Yes, it indeed turned into a full scale comic and the quality is far from being rough. Sometimes small ideas turn out big after all. :-D
AmakusaHiroshi 4 days ago rough mini series3-9
Thanks! I'm very satisfied with this series too. But it's getting further and further away from the main concept "Rough" "mini" series...
Yzak28 9 days ago rough mini series3-9
This comic is one of my favorites this year. Seems like the boy starts to break down after all. ;-)

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