I can't found convenient method as before, but it will be much better than the now(bitcoin).

However, It's in a slightly cumbersome way...XD, you will be able to purchase tickets much more easy.
It will take one to two days to create the landing page. Please wait a little longer.



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  • Yzak28 said More
    Great series! 1 day ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    After the torture, he will have a stronger body. No Pain, No Gain! XD 2 days ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    Yes! I agree, I like the feeling of retro, too.
    The printing methods of the 70s~80s are really fascinating. 2 days ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    这是有益的。 2 days ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    Unfortunately, the website does not support Japanese yen.... 2 days ago.
  • Anonymous. said More
    I am a Japanese and can I pay for your works in Japanese yen? 3 days ago.
  • justice said More
    我觉得我可以加个微信 5 days ago.
  • AvengingAngel said More
    I love these half-tone pictures. They remind me of the newspaper comics I read as a kid. Not the... 5 days ago.

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