justice 3 days ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
If I keep pressing the right mouse button, and then take out the pointer, walking around will appear to wear the phenomenon of mold
Ambertin 4 days ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
I really like the idea and implementation. I am very glad that you are ready to learn something new for yourself in order to delight us with your creativity.

From errors, ...
Ullan 4 days ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
Still running smoothly :)

A few issues do present themselves, however. I cannot re-bind any keys. My keyboard does not have a standard WASD layout, and occasionally I forget this. Until ...
Kro55over 4 days ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
The new UI certainly works more dynamically.

Switching camera on guard while holding R mouse might be a bit difficult if we are attacking at the same time, Maybe try ...

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