20 February 2018
19 February 2018
18 February 2018
16 February 2018
13 February 2018


  • Kro55over said More
    The realism is so astounding even the facial expression is spot on!
    2 days ago.
  • Kro55over said More
    Wow, that bullet impact. I didn't expect such a high powered shot, killed mobu leader too well done! 4 days ago.
  • lolalovesthis said More
    I just want to say that I bought a ticket just for this segment alone. 5 days ago.
  • Yzak28 said More
    What a sad end for him. But at least he is reliefed... :) 5 days ago.
  • AvengingAngel said More
    The leather strap around the neck is very erotic to me. I think about how easily it could be used as a garrote. 6 days ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    Thank you for loving my work. Yes! I will focus more on the comics in the future. 6 days ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    I planned for HIKARUDEN 1/2 , but unfortunately it canceled. But there is a similar series in COMIX!... 6 days ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    Thanks! This's a satisfying series. I could practice a variety of poses and camera angle in this works. 6 days ago.
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